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    How did everyone do? Elisha447

    I thought it was a good paper!! Listening was probably the hardest :)

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      My review on every section

      Listening - Hard as it always is... I'm NEVER good at it

      Léamhthuiscint - Grand... very easy

      Grammar - Yes... extremely easy

      Scéal - Mmmm alright... fairly easy

      Unseen prose - Alright... quite easy

      Studied prose - Tricky... but I managed it (I put Duine sprionlaithe)

      Unseen poetry - Very hard... the hardest out of the paper imo

      Studied poetry - Very easy... my theme for my poem was bang on there

      Letter - Easy as it always is

      Overall, Irish wasn't bad.

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      Quite easy except the unperscribed poetry and story

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      Ah it was grand, the unseen poetry was a mess though

      The listening was hard but I got through it

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