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    how do i become better at irish? Sarah2014

    im so worried, how do i become better at writing essays and stories?

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      the best thing to do is to learn phrases that you like e.g I was on cloud nine or no need to say. if you do this you can just use simple irish and then make it better by putting in your phrases.

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      I'm not very good at irish either so i'm going to just learn off an essay (e.g;getting hit by a car) and then twist it to what ever comes up. Like I could say I got hit by a car coming out of a disco or when I'm on holiday..etc

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      thank you very much :)

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      My teacher has wrote out for separate stories that if anything comes we can twist it around. The start and ending are the same in each and you can write anything in the middle. The teacher has also given us story phrases like the sun was splitting the stones, he was given artificial respiration etc. which we have a test on every week. I don't know if it is the same in every school but luckily I have a very good irish teacher. If it is the same we called it the éist liom tamaill stories!

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      Our teacher told us to have the same start to every essay that we do. There is more often than not a title for an essay that you can link to the subject of 'My Hobby'. For example, 'a competition my school won recently'. You can talk about the different hobby's that people have and the importance of having a hobby in a persons life. You can then talk about your favourite hobby which could be playing football. You can write about how often you go training and for what club you play for. By now you could have written almost over half a page or more. You mention that you're playing for the school football team and that recently your school was part of a football tournament and that you won. This is only an example but it works on so many essay titles. This is the start that we use:

      Is é mo thuarim láidir féin agus ní lia duine ná tuairim go bhfuil caitheamh aimsire de dhíth ag achan duine sa lá atá inniú ann chun éalú ó bhrú an tsaoil. Roghnaíonn daoine peil, cispheil, snúcar, léitheoireacht ó na mílte rudaí eile mar caitheamh aimsire. Taitníonn cuid mhóir spóirt éagsúla liom ach chun an fhírinne a rá is é an spóirt gur is fearr liom ná peil.......

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      Thank you so much :)

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