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How good does an A standard essay have to be?
dannynewcombe Junior Cert Irish — 24/09/16 6

Hi everyone. I've been looking through my LSMS and Revise Wise books, and I've noticed that that the essays and stories in them seem to be of a much higher standard than what I think they they should be for JC. So my question is, is this really the length and quality we're expected to write at JC level? Or are the LSMS and Revise Wise essays just bulked up much more than they need to be to get students to write a sufficient essay on the day of the exam? Most of my essays are 2 A4 pages in length and I use a good few phrases and have a good standard of Irish, but is this enough for the A I'm aiming for? I do HL, by the way. Thanks.

SryanBruen — 19/09/16
The Revisewise and Less Stress More Success essays are quite long and descriptive so you can learn more phrases and vocabulary. They do not have to be that length. And yes your standard essays are well and truly enough, I usually did 1 A4 page or 1 and half A4 pages - but that's because my writing is very small. Anyway, you will do fine with how you are doing right now.
dannynewcombe — 19/09/16
Thanks SryanBruen. :)
Ciararm — 21/09/16
Honestly to ensure you do procure that A grade I would attempt to emulate an essay of similar length and standard entailed in the revision books, however don't be disheartened if yours may not be just as perfect as those, as those essays have been written by adults who have studied the language in depth. Instead of trying to rote learn an essay, learn nathanna cainte in the sample essay and ensure you know what every word means in the sentence. Trust me it renders the learning process much easier. Also the examiner is looking for rich and varied vocab and good grammer too. Therefore ensure you are using the correct tense etc. And try not to repeat words/ phrases. Variety is crucial. For instance Bhí sé bródúil as a thorthaí Bhí sé mórtasach as a thorthaí Go tobann Gan a thuilleadh moille I bpreabadh na súl Hope this is helpful.
dannynewcombe — 21/09/16
Thanks Ciararm :)
rcallaghan — 24/09/16
Learning all ur notes
SeanP6A — 24/09/16
Just make sure your essay is full to the brim with phrases. You can find many useful ones in the Revise Wise book but the you don't necessarily need to emulate the essays. Learning the phrases more so than the essays makes it really easy to adapt your story based on the title. 2 A4 pages is plenty, that's about what I wrote in the J.C.
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