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    How is the story graded?? Elisha447

    Do you lose marks if your plot is unrealistic??

    I did the story about an incident in mountains, it was 2 pages but it mainly talked about going to hospital etc.. Or is it just marked on your grammer??

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      8 marks - Subject

      2 marks - Style

      40 marks - Grammar

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      Thank you!! By subject do you mean plot ?? I only referred to the mountains like once

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      I spent the whole thing writing (in broken Irish) about a witch I encountered in the mountains 😂 I definitely failed

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      Really 😂 I only spent like 10 mins on it as we had done the same story in class so I just wrote it out again!!

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      I wrote about myself and my dog getting hit by a car in the mountains and it turned out to be around 2 pages long, but I'm unsure about it 😕

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      I just said I was walking in the mountains and the view was lovely and then it started raining so my mam gave me a lift and we were in a car crash

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      Ya that's kind of like mine I was walking in mountains and then the weather changes it started raining so I rain for shelter and fell 😂

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