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    How to approach a question? elenah123

    How do you approach an unseen poetry question?

    Any help would be really appreciated!

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      (Irish unseen poetry question ) :)

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      Practice is key. The main thing is to understand the questions because if you don't understand the poem, at least you can give an answer. Try to learn different techniques in poems in Irish and terms that you would use in English. Make sure you know a lot of adjectives as you can be asked to describe the poet or character in the poem

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      Also make sure you know the poetic techniques,poetic language and metering as if you dont understand whats going on in the poems and you are asked to name similarities and differences you can talk about the metering e.g in poem A there is four lines in each verse and in poem B there are four lines in each verse.....another similarity you could use if you didnt understand the poem was that the poetic language(friotal) was hard to understand,things like that are up a good vocabulary too !

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      thank you !

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