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    Irish 2016!!! Brian lynch

    Does anyone have any predictions on Irish tomorrow. E.g. - pros, poem, letter, debate, essay???

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      leamhthuiscint could be on 1916 commemorations my teacher said or a formal letter on how it should be remembered

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      Something About the Euros or the Olympics might come up on Leamhuiscint seeing as they are on this year

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      Brian lynch

      Thanks guys!!! Do u have sample essays. And am I the only one who finds the title of the debates hard to understand?

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      If you find the debates hard then you definitely consider doing option B in the ceapadóireacht section! Thats what I do, I basically waffle my way through the scéal and I've been getting A's all year! Best of luck!

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      I never do debates I always do the sceal or eachtra

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      Dont worry about the diaspóireacht at all! i'd say one in every 1000 students does them, learn off a cluiche and a róbáil and you'll be sorted khed, good luck tomoz

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      Brian lynch

      I can't do the stories. Any samples on the personal essays?

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