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Irish essay section
Ayesha_I Junior Cert Irish — 21/05/16 6

What essays do you feel like will come up? What is everyone learning

Ayesha_I — 19/05/16
I mean, any predictions?
SryanBruen — 19/05/16
Do you mean essay (aiste) or story (scéal)? Because many students commonly get aiste agus scéal mixed up and vice versa.
Ayesha_I — 20/05/16
SryanBruen — 20/05/16
For scéal, you don't even need a prediction as you can easily fit Timpiste into it every time!
— 21/05/16
Exactly: I always feature an earthquake when i'm doing past papers, as it fits any scale requirement (because I mean, in real life theoretically a natural disaster can happen anytime, anywhere!) So all you have to do is learn some nice nathanna cainte and things and it's easy!
— 21/05/16
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