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    irish grammar study Michelle_g8

    is there a certain way to study irish grammar?, because i find it quite difficult and im not sure how to study it? :(

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      Past Tense (Aimsir Chaite)

      -Always use Seimhiú (h) except for verbs that begin with a vowel (h) e.g Caith = Chaith mé

      -Use D' for verbs that begin with F or a vowel e.g D'ól mé / D'fhoghlaim mé

      -Negative form = Níor e.g Níor chaith mé

      -Question form = Ar e.g Ar chaith mé

      -Don't forget to learn the irregular verbs

      Present Tense (Aimsir Láithreacht)

      -Endings: im/aim/ím/aím for 'I'

      -imid/aimid/ímid/aímid for 'We'

      -ann/eann/aíonn/íonn for others

      -No seimhiú

      -No D'

      -Negative Form = Ní e.g Ní ghlanann? (Negative takes seimhiú)

      -Question Form = An e.g An nglanann (Questions take urú)

      -Irregular verbs

      Future Tense (Aimsir Fháisíneach)

      -Endings: faidh/fidh/óidh/eoidh

      -faimid/fimid/óimid/eoimid (for 'We')

      -No seimhiú or D'

      -Negative - Ní (takes seimhiú)

      -Question - An (takes urú)

      -Irregular verbs

      Conditional Tense (Modh Coinníollach)




      -Irregular verbs

      Pretty much the same for every tense except different rules/endings. Other aspects of grammar which are important are numbers (ages/numbers of ppl/first,second,third), urú/seimhiú and more, but tenses are the most important thing

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      thank you so much!

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      woow thats alot :/

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      MysticManiac what are the rules for numbers in irish

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