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    Irish is so difficult :( elenah123

    Irish is my weakest subject...but I need it (higher level) for the course I want to do in college.

    I need all the help I can get...I have no clue how to write essays in Irish etc.

    Does anyone have any advice or tips?

    And what exactly do I need to know and study for the jc ?

    (My teacher isn't great )

    Any help at all would be so helpful !!

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      Iw would learn 3-4 versatile essays such as an accident, party/disco and a school related one as you can generally adapt these to anything that will come up. If you are doing to oral, I advice that you already start to learn now as it is an important chunk. If youre struggling with reading comprehensions, start with foundation level and move gradually to pass and then to honours. Use marking schemes to help answer questions and if you don't understand words in questions they might ask you, write them down and there translation and learn them off. If you can achieve all of this, you should manage to scrape a C at least and then with constant practise comes better grammar and you'll develop better writing and comprehending ability. Hope this helps

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      Thank you so much for your help!!

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      Become familiar with the language for a start! Take out the Cd in your exam papers and play it - even if it's just in the background as you tidy your room or will subconsciously pick up new words and just get used to the sound of Irish!

      Speak Irish as much as possible, the oral is a great way to up your grade. The examiner is there to give you as many marks as possible, so give yourself a good chance by practicing plenty.

      Use your exam papers - the same questions tend to come up all the time.

      I'm a fluent speaker and got an A in junior cert Irish, it isn't impossible to do well, just practice more than study! You'll be fine, adh mor!!!!! ;-)

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      I agree with everything Kate said 😊 I would also highly recommend that you listen to an nuacht ar TG4 as you'll pick up on common phrases that will appear somewhere on your exam paper.

      Foinse newspaper is also great !!! It comes out every Wednesday in the Irish Independent if I remember correctly its aimed at young people and won't bore you to death.

      You should also visit your local library if you have one and get audio books as Ghaeilge.

      Also get the basics correct -

      Learn the briathra neamhrialta there's 11.

      There's a great book called Buntús Gramadaí (Eagrán Nua) it should help your sentence stucture and general understanding. If you want I can help you with any section of the paper . I go to an all irish school so it is my strongest subject.

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      I can't thank you all enough you have given me excellent advice and I will definitely take it into account for the exams ! I was almost having a nervous breakdown last night !

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      No problem what so ever ! Feel free to ask for help anytime 😊

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