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    irish mochs !!!! Omnia

    how can i improve on the story writting section , ant think of long enough answers ???

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      Revise seanfhocals and good sentences to say ! Adding them in make your stories longer and you'll get extra marks

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      learn off the 3 essays and you will be grand :)

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      11ND - CCM

      I don't think you need to learn off 3 essays, even any essays. Depends on what you're into but it is possible to do the debat or essay. The advantage of debate is that you can learn off a beginning and end and then make it fit no matter what. With the eachtra that most people learn off (including myself) I think just learning seanfocals and also have a generic answer that is mouldable to fit any topic is best. If you have good vocab you can always do the essay but be careful: it's not a story!!

      With other long answers questions, like learned prós and filíocht it's always good to have one you know inside out and back to front and another fall back one invade the other one doesn't fit. But really, if you need to you will make it work. Remember, you don't have to focus on how the story is connected to the chosen topic you just have to name author and story and then the rest of the marks go for the knowledge of the story and your Irish so really, any sort of relevance with good Irish means full marks!!

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      Plenty of nathanna cainte and you will be grand

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      I highly recommend writing on Scéal/Eachtra (story/event) instead of Aiste (essay) or Diospóireacht (debate) because for an Aiste, you can run out of things to say a lot easier. The same goes for Diospóireacht as well, and it is difficult to write a Diospóireacht on the spot. Also, Scéal/Eachtra is written in the past tense, which is the easiest tense.

      You could learn 1 story and use that same story every year, but change it a little bit. No need to learn off 3 essays/stories

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      thanks i really do appreciate your advise from all :)

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