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    Irish poems -reoiteog marfach/subh milis liamh00

    Need some sample answers for either of these poems!

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      Subh Milis doesn't even be counted on your junior cert itself they don't accept it. Some years they do some years they don't because we had to change to Luichin sa scoil and in the mocks the usual grades people would get left them down due to subh milis being too short and to be sure I would say Luichin sa scoil is the one to do!

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      JadeSheehan Best way to learn and develop your answer!

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      SryanBruen that is not false information. As having done my junior cert and being told already I think I would know. They accept it some years other yeas they don't. So it is safe to have a poem on the handy side and yes they do have subh milis in less stress more success for those who are told to do it just saying have an extra poem. SryanBruen I'd appreciate it if you'd stop trying to argue my statements?

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      People come here for information and suggestions? I am under no circumstances being cheeky and as I have completed my junior cert already I am giving advice to those who want to achieve high marks and good grades and am giving them to tips.

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      so what poem should I study rather than subh milis?

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      Aoibhin a very easy one I study is An Gleann inár Tógadh Mé le Dubhghlas de hÍde.

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      Dioltas an mada rua easy or banrion an uaignis

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      Stephanie K

      For my JC I think I learned around 3 poems. I have the sample answers that my teacher gave me and I can send a copy of them to anyone that wants them, just post your email address!! I know for my JC I used subh milis and I got an A.!!

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      Stephanie k. Can you send me the sample answer.

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      StephanieK can u email me those please

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