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    Irish poetry and essays :(( elenah123

    Does anyone have any advice or websites etc,that will help answer poetry and essays ? In irish :(

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      You have to understand what the poem is about there's absolutely no point rote learning an answer if you don't know what your on about. Prepare yourself for different themes , traits and emotions in the poetry section. Are you hoping to do a díospóireacht, eachtra nó scéal?

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      i learned off a single eachtra for the jc that was guaranteed to fit into any one that came up! its the only thing that got me through the exam!!

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      Sineadsweet15 will translate the whole thing into irish

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      Thanks so much everyone!

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      Cormac 10!

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      im stuck myself i havent been doing irish for that long, anyone fancy helping me out by teaching me some

      it really would be greatful

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      Pota focal is brilliant for any words that you can't find on it's also good for sentences

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      @10cchristianson I would be delighted to help! Where do you want to start?

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      thanks im terrible at it and anywhere really

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      i struggle with the verbs

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      No problem !! Are you doing ordinary or higher level irish ? Eitherway I'd recommend Graiméar an Draoi it to the point and easy to understand.

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      *it is straight to the point and easy to understand. Also you really listen to the tape and get used to the canúintí .

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      @grainneogrady is there anywhere i can find that eachtra?? ;)

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