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    Irish Sceal Help cyberdragon

    How do u get 50/50 in the sceal. I learned a story off about an accident and I used it in the mocks but I got 30/50.

    Any suggestions

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      You need basically have to have brilliant Irish and a story that relates completely to the topic. Very few people get 50 I'd say and they are probably fluent or close to fluent in irish

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      Its's all about vocab, the irish scéail are always very genreal, thus you can often pick and choose to a comfortable topic. Phrases are key, I advise purchasiing Fiuntas , its got fantastic phrases that can fill up to half of an essay and marks are awarded for the correct use of the irish. Also a 2 and a half -3 page irish essay should have about 4 strong points each of about half a page, simple irish = simple ideas= heavy marks. Finally a strong intro and especially ending is crucial to get good marks, all to often students throw away marks by annoying the examiner with weak endings, this can be done by the use of simple phrases again. Dont forget the Modh Coinnileach, Tuiseail Ginadach aswell

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