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    Irish Story confusion please help eoinduff

    So in second year we started our story for the junior cert which was An t-Ádh and our teacher gave us like 2 copy pages to learn off that fitted loads of themes which was grand. But now this year she said we can't use An t-Ádh because you're not allowed any more or something? So now she's doing Dioltas and Mhadra Rua and it's six copy pages and way harder? Is it true that we can't use an t-Adh because I'd much rather do that one. Thanks

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      'Em I don't know where your teacher got that from, I did An tÁdh for my Junior Cert (which was 2016), that story ONLY (we did no other) and it worked perfectly. As long as a story fits a lot of themes, same with poetry then you only have to learn off 1 (poetry is a bit different as poems do not have much multiple themes).

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      Grand job, An t-Adh it is. Thank you

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