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    irish tenses Rose546

    I always seem to mix up my tenses for irish. The modh coinníolach has actually added to the confusion. Im alright with the aimsir chaite. Its just the others. Does anyone know good ways to avoid confusion between tenses?

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      I think everyone is the same. The Modh Coinniolach has never come up in the junior cert but thats not to say that we won't get it! Our teacher makes up little rhymes and chants to remember things like (e.g. Use ''T'' for ''today'' = laithreach).

      And when to know a seimhiu '' Ar de do mar o roimh faoi gan idir that tri um'' - ask some of your teachers and friends to get a mixture of answers! It may just have to be practice practice practice? Hope this helps :)

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      Yeah your absolutely right! Rhymes would be a good idea,my teacher would never do that though. It is just a matter of practice i guess. I am not good with tenses in any language! Im actually just praying it doesnt come up in the jc. Thanks for the help😁

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      The modh coinnealeach has never come up in the jc but its good to use in the letters... :)

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      No problem hope you do well :) here to help!

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      Thanks!! good luck to you to! Also thanks roisin_spriggs😉

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