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    junior cert pizza

    any predictions for the irish paper... especially essay and letter!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!........thanks


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      for the essay if you have past papers in option B(ii) its the eachtra and it seems to come up every year just with a different setting to it! if you have done an essay on an accident you should learn main points from that like for example you crossed the road and got knocked down. The driver got out of the car and rang the ambulance, you were rushed to hospital, you broke your leg! sentences like that would fit most years and all you would have to do is change the time and place to suit the title! i know this is late but i hope it helps a bit! and i have no idea for the litir sorry.

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      if you have learned about the accident make sure to put it in the past tense and include about the time in hospital what you hurt about the time leading up to the accident also

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      the litri could be about a shopping trip include where you were what you bought the cost, who you were with , if it was a trip abroad , etc it will come to you !

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      mehh go study

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      For the essay, I think eachtra/scéal comes up every year. So for that, all you need to learn is the past tense really. You should also learn present tense too

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      beidh an páipéar aeilge éasca i mbliana tá mé actually ag súil go mórr leis ináiríre

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