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    last minute study tips?HELP! katiec98

    I have studied but im worried im forgetting something please help me fast!!

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      Ok calm down for a sec! I go to an all irish school so tell what your worried about?

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      Hi. I'm doing ordinary level irish and I know it's not as hard as the honours but I don't know what to write for the blog and for the alt/cuntas, what sentences should I learn that will help me if I'm stuck and I can use for any topic/story??? Thanks!

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      I just think im forgetting to look over something but I don't know ive checked all the areas of the exam but im still really worried about all of it even though I know most of it should I just go to bed or stay up studying it more???

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      do either an accident or like a scary story :)

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      GO TO BED! u wont remember a thing if u dont sleep. Make sure u know loads of phrases!! the the reading comprehension is easy marks so u defo shud do well on that! ANY Q;S?

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      learn a few phrases before you go to bed then when you wake up read over them also write some out it works for me should be fine!:)

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      You know any websites or ways I can get some phrases for the alt/cuntas and even for the blaganna ??? I don't know what to say for them!! I just wanna do well since I felt I did bad in English today:(

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      thanks so much! good luck in your exams :D!!

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      Your welcome! what do u wanna know meghan?

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      are you in ordinary meghan??

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      What do u wanna know?

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      I know it's easier but I'm not good at irish and I don't score well in the listening so I wanna do well by having a good blaganna structure and sentences for my alt/cuntas ( 4 pictures come up but I dunno what theme) also the postcard I'm okay at but I only get 11/20

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      even if you do the 4 pictures and postcard you will get 40 marks which is equal to the alt/cuntas

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      Ok first of all for the listening take ur time and i know its tempting to rush into writing but listen the first time and right down notes and then give full answers. Im sorry i cant help with the blag as im only in 2nd year but i do go to an all irish school so any other questions? Check the studyclix index for irish that will HELP!

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      But I don't score 40 over all I'd get like 25/28, for my pres in ceist 6 the alt was about a concert with friend from school I got 16/40:( I need help with phrases/sentences because our teacher isn't good and she didnt give us any sentences to learn :(

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      Thanks! Did u learn any sentences/ phrases about story's that u could even write about anything that comes up? You know like an accident/concert/school tour/day out /camping/ there's always something to do with like a bus or transport!

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      ok tell me what u wanna say!

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      Well like something like : last week was very exciting! Or something u can add to any story or theme u get. These were some of the stories in the past years like I want to be able to go into the exam with some sentences about how I felt or how I got to the event/ what I did just things like that! I don't know :(

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      I couldn't post the pictures of the themes but like last year was a bike accident, the year before was a bad day at school , and a day out with your friend. When I'm in the exam I just go black and everyone else has notes and sentences learned off to help them I just can't think of any:/

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      *blank hahaha sorry

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      ok heres some:)

      An seachtain seo chaite bhuail mé le One Direction. Bhain mé an-taitneamh as. Beagnach thit mé i mo laige;)

      Níor thaitin sé liom.

      Bhain mé sult as- enjoyment

      Bhí sceitimíní orm!

      Bhí sé spraíúil.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

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      Thanks! Yeah it'll be okay goodluck for next year!

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      Thanks any advice looking back ? When wud u start studying?

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      Definitely revise once u learn something! Start before christmas time, dont worry about the pres, they will be tough but will be a practise for the Jc, some say its harder, but from today i felt the jc is harder:/ i might be wrong but Make notes in class, I know it sucks but believe me, it'll stop u from panicking the night before like me;) I'm sure your a bright student you'll do great! Just practise and for other exams make out mind maps / use the 5 w's- who what where why when. This will help in story's/essays ect! Pitty I don't understand irish:') hahaha thanks for helping me though I'm just gonna try get some work done and get a good rest!

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      Thanks.Yeah go to bed:) Would you reccommend revision books and if so which ones? GOOD LUCK

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      Revise wise/ less stress more success? There's Many:) thanks !!

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      Which one is better?

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      I have put no effort in Irish, complaining now wont do a thing......does anyone know if u can change papers on the day.....I'm freaking out for the Essay :(

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      Any advice on the listening comprehensions!

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