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    Learning HL JC Irish JamieTheKing

    I find it hard to learn Irish so can anyone have any tips

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      If you're finding HL Irish difficult, here are some things you should do to help yourself.

      *Get a grammar book {TWO ones I most recommend, Shortcuts to Success: Irish Grammar Guide OR Graiméar Meánscoile by CJ Fallon}. This will help you with THREE of the sections of your exam {Q3, Q4 on Paper 1 and Q3 on Paper 2)

      *Get grinds - Tell the grinds teacher exactly what you need help with? How to form a particular tense? A list of good phrases for litreacha agus scéalta? OR maybe sample essays on poems and proses?

      *Using software such as Microsoft word or Apple's pages, make your own revision book! It can include blank letter pages with all the lines so you can write down your letter for revision? Or you could include your litreacha and poetry and prose sample answers in it. Or maybe, you could make some grammar exercises for yourself - again even if with the grammar book, the more practice the better!

      *Remember to learn off lots of phrases and try not to translate literally into Irish as this would lose a lot of marks. For example,

      Scéal (50 marks) - if you're choosing it in the ceapadóireacht

      Gramadach (grammar) - 40 marks

      Scéal (story) - 10 marks

      If you translate literally, you are most likely to fail this section. This could also have a big influence on the litir question as well!

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