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    Letters and Stories Chidudemon56

    How do I study for these????????????

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      I think im just going to have to learn off sentences that I could put into different stories and letters and hope for the best

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      Learn off different phrases, speaking them among others helps!

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      that helped me a lot

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      You can simply give me different phrases and I'll create an exercise sheet for you that you can do. I translate the phrases into English then I put a blank beside each translation so you can fill it in and translate into Irish. Once ya keep doing this more, you get more and more knowledgeable at the phrases. Don't mind any class tests your teachers give you, that doesn't help - that just creates stress. This should 100% help you, it does for me.

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      could I do that too @SryanBruen

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      Yes anybody can! Feel free...

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      is fada an la a chuala me uait

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      thank you so much I really appreciated it, it really helped me with my letter thank you so much will definentley come back for more help thanks again

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      It's no problem at all. I do this for every single thing I have to learn such as my sample answers for studied prose and poetry. Now they are exceptionally easy! I could write them down any day without even thinking thanks to this method of mine. Letters are very easy marks to get anyway, so definitely not worth failing on these such easy things! That's why you should be prepared for these first. Then once you are confident with them, move onto things such as sample prose and poetry OR a composition (story, essay or article) in which I can also help you with.

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