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Caoimhekilcondy Junior Cert Irish — 09/06/16 5

Can you drop to ordinary level on the day if the exam???

DarParty — 08/06/16
ya but you have to bring in a letter from your parents and aswell if your considering this know that its better to get a higher pass then a perfect lower level
SryanBruen — 08/06/16
What DarParty said ^
Caoimhekilcondy — 08/06/16
Do I need to have a letter from my parents??? SryanBruen DarParty
SryanBruen — 08/06/16
That's what DarParty clearly said in his first few words??
DarParty — 09/06/16
so today i was sitting before my ordinary irish exam but the examiner said i was doing higher and i was like what the f**k so he told me to go down and get a sheet allowing me to swap levels and this went allg ood but what happens is that your parents must approve or your test wont be accepted
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