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Listening hard
jewelmary2016 Junior Cert Irish — 09/06/16 8

Did anyone else find listening hard

Ciara2000 — 09/06/16
Extremely! I honestly had to make up a lot of the answers, especially in Cuid B.
Sarah2014 — 09/06/16
yes I find it so hard I made all my answers up :(
darraghob — 09/06/16
it was impossible for me i guessed most of them
nms2001 — 09/06/16
Does anyone know who Sean lived with and why he goes to Belfast??(an dara cainteoir)
MaebhMcC — 09/06/16
He lived with his Dad but his Mom lives in Belfast and he visited there often :)
Daniel_7788 — 09/06/16
i said he goes for his holidays found it hard though
Ciara2000 — 09/06/16
That's what I said too ^
SryanBruen — 09/06/16
I always find listening hard anyways. I couldn't give a shit though, after all it's listening, who cares.
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