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modh coinniollach
Liam_4376 Junior Cert Irish — 21/10/17 4

is it likely that the modh coinniollach will come up for the change the tense section?

kearney210 — 07/06/16
highly unlikely
SryanBruen — 07/06/16
No it will not. Aimsir Chaite will.
Kezi_m — 21/10/17
You can't just predict what's coming up. Just learn chunks of everything. What if some person told you 'oh the aimsir chaite is definitley on it'. What if you took their advice and studied just aimsir chaite and the modh coinnioladh showed up? If you pick and choose what to study, you're just screwing yourself up... no offense. Study a bit of ALL grammar, and you'll thank me later. You have a good few months left till the big day: I trust that you will be fine, anyway. ��
Kezi_m — 21/10/17
No offense SryanBruen ��
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