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    Oral topics? John_2187

    I'm almost done all 5 Sraith Pictiurs, only really need 1 Rólghlachadh, short questions?????

    I know about stuff like next weekend, last summer, favourite foods, favourite singer, about myself, my area. What else? I missed the oral class my teacher organised so I'm pretty stumped. My oral is on Tuesday, so a quick answer would be appreciated. This isn't the pre, it's the actual. Thanks!

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      Do you mean for the interview section??

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      good luck with the oral! I did my mock oral last week so my main advice is not to panic!!!!! know your exam number, and the different tenses eg aimsir fhaistineach. that's basically the topics that the examiner will ask about (what you have said above). the examiner might ask you about your hobbies?

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      I had my actual oral today and it went great. They examiner tells you before you start the conversation what topics you'll be discussing. It is generally mé fein, caitheamh aimsire, scoil, do chlann, do cheantar, samhradh seo chaite, samhradh seo chugainn agus an deireadh seachtaine. There will be follow ups e.g I said I loved reading, listed off my favourite books and she asked me what the story behind the book was or when I said loved Irish, she asked me if I've been in the Gaeltacht. Some people said she asked them what special day it was yesterday...

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