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    Paper 1 help!! Eva310

    I'm in higher Irish and I'm pretty confident about paper 2 but I am not too sure about paper 1.

    I'm not good at the listening or aiste at all

    For the trialacha teanga it'll depend on what comes up and I find the reading comprehensions pretty easy,

    My teacher didn't get us to learn off ANY essays and I know that a lot of people have done that so I feel pretty scared about P1.

    Any tips? I really want to get a B

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      Like I'm pretty sure I can do very well in paper 2 and I did okay in my oral ://

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      If you write down what you hear and are any way close to the correct answer they'll give you the marks in the aural. However, they deduct marks at the end if your Irish is poor but it''s only 3 or 4 so I wouldn't get too worried!

      Learn off a few Nathanna Cainte (gan rabhadh, bhí an áit dubh le daoine, bhí an ghriain ag scoilteadh na gloch, etc.) for your aiste. Personally I find the scéal/eachtra easier but it's up to yourself. Use a variety of verbs too to show off your knowledge of the language as well.

      Your right, for the trialacha teanga, it all depends on what comes up but know your verbs for part (A) - they'r really easy marks. For part (B), if you'require stuck go with what sounds right (more than often you'll guess right).

      Lastly, don't be getting worried about not learning off aistes. I haven'the learned any and I got a good B in my pre. If you know your phrases and verbs and can come up with a believable story line where someone learns a lesson in the end you'll be fine!!

      Hope you find this helpful and best of luck next week!!😊

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