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    Prós and filíocht Karen321

    Does anyone no what theme might come up for prós and filíocht? For example grá or greann? Please help😳

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      the themes are usually broad so probably sadness, disaster, school, happiness etc.

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      Most of the time Uaigneas, Grá or Fearg come up in the studied poetry! For the pros it depends sometimes dioltais,uaigneas/bron,Saint or else it could be a topic like tubaiste (disaster) life in school, nature & stuff like that!

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      Thanks!.. Any chance ye have a sample of greann prós i can learn off for m'asal beag dubh? Im badly stuck :(

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      Nope sorry my poems are subh milis & an blascaod mór anois & my stories are díoltais an Mhada rua & banríon an uaigneas 🙊

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      Sorry I only have an tadh and an faoilean

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      how long are your answers ?

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      My answers are around an A4 page long

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      i have dioltas an mhadra and banríon an uaigneas

      the file I have shared is for dioltas an mhadra rua. It is a summary but depending on your teacher you might have to write the entire story

      attachment Bhí fear ina conái i nDún Chaoin Co.docx

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