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    Prós/Filíocht nms2001

    Does anyone know how many poems and short stories someone should learn is 2 each enough or should you learn more??

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      Cormac 10

      i'd learn two of each but the most common two!

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      2-3 I do HLmand dats all we need to know

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      I wouldn't be restricting yourself as you still have plenty of time.

      These are some of the poems I learned last year

      ● An t Ózón -environment, love and worry

      ● Reoiteog Mharfach - death , loss , heartbreak

      ● An Gleann inar tógadh mé- nature, memory , old age

      ● An luch sa scoil-animals

      Short stories

      ● An Punk - courage , family tension

      ● An t-Ádh - luck , misfortune , the sea

      These are just a few examples . If you look at , last years prós you were given a lists of traits so make sure you fully understand your scéal. If you want specific help with anything in irish let me know !

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      I only learned an tadh last year and I thought it was really useful as you could use it for many themes, but last year the themes didn't suit and I really felt that might have been one of the reasons I got a B instead of an A

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      @granners Yes alot of people got tricked with the prós. Well done though as I think it was the toughest exam in years.

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