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    Predictions for eachtra in Irish paper one Laracharliegerry

    Anyone have any idea what's coming up?

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      Something similar to 2011.

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      How do you know

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      2010 and 2015 were similar (shopping) and so I think 2011 and 2016 will be similar? Do you get me?

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      @Syran Bruen can u send on a sample an t-adh answer for tubaiste or grá?

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      This is my sample answer (with all sentences translated into English). It can be used for any theme. You just state at the end where the theme is shown, "Tá tubaiste le feiceáil anseo". Mathswhiz101 I put down Grá for An tÁdh on my mock but I got 0/15 marks because of that - this is due to the fact that love is not to be seen in the story. My teacher even said "Foirfe ach níl grá le feiceáil sa scéal" - Perfect (I wrote out my whole sample answer) but love is not to be seen in the story. Don't make the same mistake I did!

      attachment Irish An tÁdh.docx

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      Thanks ^^^

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      Hey sryanbruen can you please send a subh milis

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      Is your An tAdh anwer for use in a or b in the gearsceal section @SryanBruen

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      B. NEVER DO A...

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      Thanks is there any chance you could send me a Faoilean sample answer @SryanBruen

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      Does anyone actually do A? I've never seen or heard of anyone who does it, from day one we've only ever been told do B haha

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      Not that I know of. I'd advise not to do A anyway if I was a teacher, it is very tricky.

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      Yeah it seems very complicated, just going to go revise some last minute stuff and go to bed, good luck to everyone tomorrow!

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      Thanks you too. I wish I could go to sleep but I can't with all these studyclix comments on Irish (as you know Irish is THE subject for me on this).

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      @SryanBruen what are the themes for subh milis please @SryanBruen

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      Cumha, brón, an teaghlach, grá athar dá pháiste, daoine óga, athair, ag fás aníos, an óige

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