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    scéals Hills

    anyone know what kind of scéal will come up

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      i am assuming a scéal scánrúil or an eachtra ar an bhfarraige what do you dudes think?

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      well my teacher said you can twist a story

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      come on gang any suggestions lolz

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      come on guys the longer it takes to reply the lower my grade will be and i think that is very very most certainly selfious

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      its usually "timpiste" or "coisir" but don't count on it.

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      yea even if its not exactly the type of story you learned theres always a way of twisting it or just incorporate the vocab you learned into the story if you think you can count on your own irish

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      they released the SEC sample saying something about receiving a txt message so thats why in my pre up came getting a tweet. they usually are indications as what may come up and also a timpiste hasnt come up in a while

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      If you are able to twist your stories, I would recommend learning off about 2 stories and then just important vocab from others! For my pre the story was on a robbery but I had learned a story about being on holidays. Instead of trying to come up with a robbery story off the top of my head, I twisted it. I wrote a story about being on holidays when a robbery happened! Luckily I had glanced over vocab for a robbery the night before !

      Just once you know the main vocab you should be fine 😊

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      cheers dudes really appreciate loz XD

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