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    Sceal/eachtra essay alicexxx

    Does anyone have any predictions on what might come up? Im thinking about learning phrases from a car accident and a fire but should i learn more?

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      No an accident is enough! You can always somehow fit Timpiste into whatever comes up on your exam. TRUST ME

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      Thank you

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      No you need to do as many as you the best way is just to do ones from past papers

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      Mossy no you don't. Even an accident could fit into a title like "Eachtra greannmhar" like your teacher slipped or something. What I meant was that keep the subject of Timpiste but go through past exam papers and then make a scéal and make Timpiste fit the setting you're given. And Shaun shut up, you think you're hilarious when you're not. All I'm doing is helping a student and what are you doing? Wasting your life being a troll, GROW UP!

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      'Em I can't understand "And the accident to you"? I have gone through all past exam papers and including me mock paper, Timpiste has fitted into each. So I don't see your problem.

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      I recommend looking through leaving cert pass papers as they are very likely for ye

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      This is JUNIOR CERT Irish!!! And again I don't understand you "they are very likely for ye"?

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      I mean funny eacthra

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      I'm just not going to talk to you any further because you are very misleading with your text speak, off topic crap (Leaving Cert papers) and bad English (if it's not text speak).

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      Ordinary, not Past papers as there's sceal-eachtra as well

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      I would say 99% they'll ask something to do with either the euro 2016 championships or 2016 Rio Olympics

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      You can put any question into a timpiste

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      D’fhéach mé ar m’fhón póca. Léigh mé an téacs ó mo chara. Níor chreid mé mo shúile

      Bhí mé ag tiomáint síos an bóthar. Stop na gardaí mé. Bhí mé i dtrioblóid

      Bhí mé féin agus mo chara ag siúl sna sléibhte. Go tobann, thit ceo trom timpeall orainn.

      Bhíomar i dtrioblóid

      Bhí mé amuigh ag rith. Bhuail mé le mo chara. Bhí fearg an domhain air / uirthi

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      Yes but you can't talk about your teacher slipping if it's you going abroad I can see what you're saying but if you pick accident you need to practice writing about lots of different accidents and build the vocabulary from that

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      anybody have eachtra on 1916?

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