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    Sport Essay. Patrik_7875

    I've been struggling with my irish for a while now, im in higher level irish and im in junior cert year, im not too good at Irish, I can learn the essays along with the grammar too but most other things dont just stick to my head, I was wondering if anyone could maybe send me some pointers for the junior cert sport essay that could come up, I'm really stressing over it because my teacher is a substitute for now and he corrects your mistakes and all that but he doesnt add to it or tell you what you could add, I was hoping maybe someone has written one and could send me some pointers or send me in english and I could try write it in Irish! Thanks alot! >

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      Did you check my threads before posting?

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      I did actually, it was very helpful but my teacher said that it needs to have more specific details, so im gonna give it another go, thanks for all that by the way :D

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      Oh I didnt see the first one sorry

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      I'm in higher level irish too JC. It's very hard. My advise to keep on learning new vocab at home and to practice essay style questions

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      Patrik, Do u go to school at st Clements. If so I sit beside u in the exams

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      joey is that you

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