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    Studied Poetry Help Adamoc0806

    I have an t ozon an blascaod mor anois and subh milis studied and i am wondering if i could use any of these for fearg( preferably not an t ozon) i have a answer on an blascoad mor about

    p1 how everyone has left

    p2 looking back on the life she had and howe she misses it

    p3 saying how there is ghosts telling stories

    Just wondering if i could use this answer for fearg and if not could i use a answer about an t ozon about

    how important it is

    personification to give its advice

    how it is trying to save the environment

    so just wondering if i could use these two answers and if not could someone please post a easy enough to learn answer for fearg

    Thanks very much

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      Fearg will not fit into An Blascaod Mór Anois

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