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    Studied prós help?? rachelgrogan99

    So my teacher Gave us three prós to learn - an tádh , caimileirí and Oisín I dTír na nOg. I have had tests on these and I always did an tadh, I keep getting 13/15 marks and I want to ensure full marks in the studied . My teacher told me I didn't get full marks as I didn't write about the theme enough , how can I encorporate the chosen theme Into my answer??? Thanks

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      What my teacher told me is that I should repeat what I'm saying but obviously in using different phrases and words to change up the answer....say the theme multiple times throughout the answer

      Hope this helps :) good luck in exams

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      my teacher said write at least 2 times "feicimid an teama..........anseo, mar....." i do this normally 3 times with an tadh and i normally get 15/15 in my tests

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      Liam coakley

      studied pros?? where is that?

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