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    tenses Sarah2014

    for the future tense how do you know when to use faidh, fidh, eoidh, óidh

    and in the past eamar, amar, omar and aíomar


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      The rule leathan le leathan, caol le caol is important as I and e are slender and a,o and u are broad. So if a verb is only one syllable long and its last vowel is broad e.g. fan, use amar and faidh in the future. If a verb is one syllable long but its last vowel is slender e.g. cuir, then it ends in eamar or fidh in the future

      If a verb is two syllables long and ends in aigh e.g. aontaigh or is one of the certain irregulars like codail they drop the aigh and use oidh in the future and aiomar. Finally if a two syllable verb ends in high e.g. eirigh, then drop the high and add eoidh in the future and íomar in the past

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      thank you so much

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