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    Tuiseal Ginideach Notes Hamid

    Need Help with Grammar In Irish

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      Have you even taken the time to check if there is already a thread on Irish grammar? I swear I'm the only one who checks threads before posting.

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      Sorry but i could not find out the rules involving mascline and femine nouns?

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      As I said before to students on this, you don't need to know them for Junior Cert. And remember also that this thread gets updated over time with more grammar lessons.

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      I gave you the link due to the thread getting updated over time as well as you confused me with the title and your initial post here of "Need Help with Grammar in Irish". GRAMMAR is not just An Tuiseal Ginideach (The Genitive Case), it's a lot of things.

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      and i need to know which ones are mascline and which are femine

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      It's not on the curriculum, who told you?

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      sorry but why is my teacher making us learn them ?

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      I have not got a clue. Only reason I can think of is to get you prepared early for LC Irish as LC Irish (HL) is very difficult and you have to learn a lot of literature - so thus reducing your stress. Do you think this is why?

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      Like my teacher mentioned about it but he said that we would learn it in 5th year. I look at the curriculums of subjects btw.

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      so they wont come up in the exams?

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      No, nothing like that. There is like a question or two (very small ones) in the Grammar question BUT the answer will be right in front of you if you know your grammar like séimhiú or úrú. They are like only worth 2 marks each though. So don't mind the Genitive Case until you get to Leaving Cert.

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      4/230 = 1.739% (see very small)

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      Thank you very much that put a lot of pressure of me

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