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What did. You think?
heyooo Junior Cert Irish — 13/06/16 15

I thought the unseen pros on paper two was stupidly hard. I'm annoyed they didn't give a gluais for the poetry... Paper one cluathiscint was so hard too!!

Beachy123 — 09/06/16
same! Do you have any geography predictions?
emmawarhurst — 09/06/16
I'm sorry but did anyone actually understand any of the listening?!
heyooo — 11/06/16
I did not! The listening was so bad- I only understood like the first person . @emmawarhurst
heyooo — 11/06/16
Beachy123- I couldn't have predicted shit because nothing I studied came up yesterday!!! There was no physical geography!
Suitcasey114 — 11/06/16
I honestly thought in the piece about the whale,the whale itself was talking...it didnt help our tape wasn't working properly either
SryanBruen — 11/06/16
I found the unseen prose easy but the unseen poetry was very difficult and yeah no gluais - that annoyed me very much.
heyooo — 12/06/16
The vampire story thingy? Nobody understood that in my year. :/
Beachy123 — 12/06/16
did anyone else get zero for the maths qs with simultaneous equations?
heyooo — 12/06/16
Hah I got zero for the WHOLE math exam. Jk, but it was hard asf.
heyooo — 12/06/16
Actually the last question with the functions, I got a=0 and b=0 . I used (180,0) and (3,0) as my points
Beachy123 — 12/06/16
I have no idea what to study for p 2
SryanBruen — 12/06/16
Beachy123 maybe this thread will help you https://www.studyclix.ie/Discuss/Junior-Cert-Mathematics/things-to-remember-for-paper-2-hl
sebin — 13/06/16
the maths paper 1 was so easy i aced that part of the exam
heyooo — 13/06/16
Apparently paper one was leaving cert standard
heyooo — 13/06/16
The pattern question was so hard
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