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    what's an tuiseal ginideach student331

    So, I'm okay with the verb section of the Irish but my scores fluctuate for the grammar section sometimes I get 100% and one time I got 0% because I just guess the answers.

    So long story short, what do I need to know for this section and does anyone know any list of words or phrases that come up in this section that I can learn off and what's the an tuiseal ginideach?

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      An Tuiseal Ginideach means The Genitive Case. This means sentences such as:

      Hata an fhir - The man's hat

      Cois farraige - Seaside

      Bean an tí - The woman of the house

      At Junior Cert level, you just need to be aware of this even though it comes up in part B of the grammar section. Trust me! You're better off being aware of it than learning it as it is very confusing and tricky to learn.

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      It's a word that has been altered for whatever reason! For example bean an(tí) tí has been altered from teach/tigh :) for the grammer they may just ask you to find a word from tuiseal gindeach so just pick a word you think looks different/changed spelling!x sorry if that's confusing!!

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