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    will i lose much marks ?? aisling31

    I chose option A for the letter but i thought muintir meant area and not family and i wrote a 3 page letter about a huge house party with alcohol and parents away for the night and people fighting only to find after that muintir was a family party I'm fairly confident my irish and grammar was good and i have the 4 marks for address date greeting and sign off so will i lose too many marks or subject mishap ??

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      I did the exact same😁

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      No you will not lose much marks. It's not even a huge subject mishap, so don't worry about it!

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      Muintir can mean people though,can't it?Even in part B it said about giving help to "na muintir".Surely you'd get away with the area?

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      Yes it can suitcasey114

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      I just said it was to celebrate my 18th birthday and my relatives and my friends were there besides the person i am writing to and my mom cooked lovely food and ship and the place was packed

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      made it a page and a half

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