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    X in study level! ellenhoulihan2

    HI! Today I got my mid-term report. In Irish my teacher has put a X in the study level area. I was just wondering could anyone tell me what this means as I'm a bit worried about it!


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      If it was done on eportal, it just means non-applicable

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      I know on my report, X just means that you're not in a specific level for Irish yet. If you're in first year, it probably means that they haven't split the classes into higher and ordinary levels yet, so you're studying it at common level.

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      Yah, I'm in first year so should I be worried about it? Also, it was done on Eportal.

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      No theres nothing to worry about, as long as they still gave you a grade. If your friends all got X's too, it just means they haven't divided your class yet into levels.

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      X means common level. In first year maths and Irish, you will get x on study level until they divide you into ordinary level and higher level.

      X = common level

      G = ordinary level

      A = higher level

      all your other subjects so say A as study-level except cspe maths and Irish

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