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    JC WW Brief Paddypage

    Can Anyone Give Me Advice On How To Make A Good Brief..?

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      Hi! I suggest try and do as much of your Wood Work Brief as possible without using the internet. I heard the examiner wants the projects to be original, and not something copied out from the internet. In your design brief, start with a simple idea. Then add a few more features you think will make the product interesting in your next idea. Indicate the positives and negatives. Then combine all your ideas into one final idea, including most of the positives of the previous ideas.

      Also, here is a file that shows you the layout of everything you need to do.

      attachment Wood Work Design Brief.docx

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      Contents page


      Analysis of brief

      Investigation reasearch


      Investigation into woods, joints


      Safety precautions

      Idea 1

      Idea 2

      Idea 3

      Chosen solution

      Working drawing - isometric

      Working product

      Final evaluation

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      Follow these steps

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