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    Woodwork! GeographyQueen

    Lads it's Christmas tests next week and I feel prepared enough except for the one subject I have real difficulty with..woodwork! I really regret picking woodwork, I'm brutal at not only the practical but the theory too. I have no clue how to study power tools and hand tools and trees and their leaves! Like seriously! Any advice on how to understand the more difficult parts of the course? Thanks

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      Try looking at the past exam questions and revealing the marking schemes. There is loads of repetition in this subject. Good luck with it.

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      I have my woodwork test today and I'm only in first year but we have lots. The way I remember the different trees and leaves is by making up little Rhymes or sayings eg for the horse chestnut I think on the leaves being floppy like a horses ears. Hope this helps

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      well , you could set yourself on fire bc woodwork is the worst suject ever

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      im trying to find some past woodwork portfilios but when ever i look them up they dont show them

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      email me .... and i will send you on my portfolio!! i got an A

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