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    Drawing Question Help seanca1

    My teacher was running out the time towards the end of the year and never really explained to us in detail how to do the drawing question. We learned the basics of using the scale and drawing the elevation, end view and plan.. While I was looking through exam papers there were questions with curves and angles that we hadn't had explained to us so I'd be very grateful if someone could explain how to draw these please. And also what do questions mean when they say something at the bottom like "Frame material: 60mm x 30mm"?

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      The frame material is simply the main overall dimensions of the timber user in the frame, this info is important so you know how thick the piece wull be in plan, end view elevation

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      curves and angles you can just draw freehand because it's a sketch

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      Mlgpro you cannot- it must be a working drawing so use your compass protractor etc

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