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    JC Project 2017 Help Please sanju2002

    Does anyone know if the JC project has to be a square box because my teacher said it cant be a square box.


    Daniel C

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      What subject are we talking about?

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      Sorry, I mean what design brief are we talking about?

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      Hello. I am his friend and he is making disign brief 3 higher level

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      Young people like to have personal items close by while relaxing in their room.

      Design and make a modern wall-mounted bedside unit which includes an integrated hand

      crafted lamp. Your design should incorporate a facility to store small personal items in an

      enclosed manner which avoids clutter. The artefact should be slimline, graceful in form and

      display hand crafted joints in solid wood.

      Note: All electrical connections and fittings must comply with current safety standards.

      The maximum dimension must not exceed 450mm.

      This would make one think of something like a slimline cupboard. To be wider rather than deep with a lamp on top. To have compartments to avoid the clutter. Have a door on it as it must be enclosed. House the electrics for safety. Graceful in form would lead one to thinking something that is not just a box.

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