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    project folder Conor forde

    what do I have to put in the woodwork folder

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      There's different headings that should be included in your portfolio along with working drawings ( > cutting list >time plan >project planner) Here are the headings that my teacher included in his template he made to guide us.


      2.Analysis of Briefs

      3.Analysis of selected brief

      4.Investigation and Research

      5.Development of Design Ideas

      6.Working Drawings

      7.Manufacture of design

      8.Evaluation of final design and project

      Those are the titles that i'm following so i'd just type out accounts of those titles and ask your teacher to correct it before putting it all together in your portfolio :)

      Hope this was helpful and not a waste of time ! :D

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      Conor forde

      that helps :) thanks

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      what is a diary of manufacture

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