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    2nd year higher level christmas exams Jessieprempeh

    Hi, I am a second year and I'm worried about the Christmas exams because , firstly, I'm thinking that higher level exams will be hard and also the strike has taken up a lot of time and not being able to go to school and revise is a really stressing thought. Does anyone have any advice on 2nd year higher lvl christmas paper , i have been studying at home but i dont think this is enough

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      It'll probably just be ordinary level stuff. When I was in the second year in higher level maths our teacher gave us ordinary level questions during the Christmas

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      Don't worry put your head down study and do the best you can point getting worrying in the way of study.

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      naxmax9, we did not so that could be just your school. Any way Jessie, studying at home is enough, there is not much else you can do PLUS it's christmas exams, christmas exams are quite easy (and the JC is not hard at all when time comes, just letting ya know now). I wouldn't worry about them, just keep doing what you're doing. Don't get yourself down. If you're struggling with anything of particular in Maths then ask us here on Studyclix (I'm not a Maths genius by any means hahaha as I am with Irish, Geography and Music though I will try to help), there are plenty of other students including myself who are willing to help.

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      For my second year maths Christmas it was all algebra we'd done so far, but we were told that it would be all algebra. I know the strikes are frightening for the sake of your results, but it's only a Christmas test, I wouldn't and didn't worry much about it and got on really well.

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      if anyone needs math help ask me i a genius at it(not bragging lolllo

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      they will proberly use past xam papers

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      SAI-FI ..... what did u get in ur fifth ur summer exam ? Oh no wait ur only a JC ...... Exactly......

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      Does anyone have any notes on the French, American and Irish revolutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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