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2nd Year Maths Help!!
JiteshKhatri Junior Cert Mathematics — 30/05/16 9

What would you say is most common to come on the 2nd year summer exams? I'm really stressed about it

SryanBruen — 21/05/16
Nobody knows because every school is different! But 100% Algebra will come up - it's impossible that it can't no matter what school.
Hamid — 21/05/16
It depends. Teachers usually say anyways.. It could be everything you've done since the start of the year, Christmas, or Easter.. But you should ask your teacher..
JiteshKhatri — 21/05/16
ok thanks guys!
niamhbgall — 22/05/16
well Algebra is definitely coming up in my 2nd year higher level exam :(
evelyndajlani — 22/05/16
Co ordinate geometry, inequalities, algebra - long division w algebra simultanious equations , area and volume, pythagerous theorem
evelyndajlani — 22/05/16
thats whats coming up in mine this year
Galbraith — 28/05/16
r u in cps??????
JiteshKhatri — 29/05/16
Galbraith — 30/05/16
Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, applied arithemetic, geometry, constructions, Indices and surds
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