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    AM I ABLE?????? mail

    im in higher maths at JC level and im thinking of dropping to ordinary got 29% in crimbo test SHOULD I DROP DOWN????????

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      I think that's something you need to talk to your family and teacher about, however if this is your first time to get like below 30% then maybe you should try stick it out at least til the mocks after all you do get more marks for doing Higher level in the junior and leaving and some courses need higher level maths and its a lot harder to pick up higher level LC maths after doing ordinary JC math. But its up to you and whatever you feel comfortable, I would recommend doing Higher for the mocks though :)

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      I dont see the point in dropping to pass for the mocks since its only a month away. Also for the JC exam, you have aout 6 months to practise.

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      ^^^^^ i agree

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      i have so many friends who did the junior cert higher level maths paper they said the mock was marked hard but when it cam to the junior cert it was alot easier , they all go like c's so maybe drop after you mock exam

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      hey 29% for your Christmas test is just unlucky.

      Did you study for it?

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      Yeah sure I'm in the same boat like i did ok in Christmas but that was continuous assessment so I'm freaking out for the mocks!

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