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    Higher Level Exams Next Week tinash

    Hey everyone , I am currently in Higher Level Maths and literally am failing. I have November exams next week and if I don't pass I would have to move to ordinary level. I get grinds as well but I really am stuck. Any good site to show how to work out stuff for the following chapters



    Co-Ordinate Geometry

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      LAVeYT0nY good luck

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      Aedamar is also a very useful website.

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      Move to ordinary level, there's no shame! :-)

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      SLFRmonster , trust me I am not ashamed , it's just I need to do Higher Level , for what I want to do in the future. Thank you LAVeT0nY and Aedamar

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      Tinash: You need to think why are you failing. Do you have a positive attitude to learning maths ? Do you find Maths class enjoyable ? How much time per evening do you spend trying problems/exercises? My advice for your future would be to ensure you like the main subject matter of whatever it is you wish to study. Start by deciding the subjects you enjoy and going forward from there.

      If you want to discuss a particular topic in Maths i am happy to help. (Maths Teacher here)

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      I am failing because I don't understand it and I forget how to do the stuff. I am a visual learner. I find class enjoyable but eh it's sometimes quite boring. And I spend 10-15 minutes per day on Maths , around 4 -8 min depends on what type of question.

      That'd be great thanks Aedamar.

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      Try recording notes on an mp3 player and playing it back or try a mindmap :-)

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      This site is called IXL and is only for maths which includes millions and millions of topics... you will be surprised.

      This site has lectures in it for every subject including maths and is quite help full.

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