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    How to study properly for maths saoirseteahan

    I am really stuck with studying for maths. I have been practicing doing exam questions but sometimes it doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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      Keep going. The best thing to do is get a checklist for each year and tick off each question you do. These checklists are sometimes found on the first couple of pages of your exam papers.

      Do a question from one year, tick it, move onto the next. Don't understand a question? Look up on YouTube how to do it. There's plenty of help online.

      I also recommend going to Khan Academy. There's a huge library of maths related videos that will help you with maths. There's even an app for it.

      Good luck!

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      Hi! A good way of studying maths is by answering questions ranging in difficulty. If there is a section in maths you are stuck in, practice easy questions in your maths textbook first. When you're getting the hang of it, try slightly harder ones as you progress. If you feel confident enough, answer the exam questions. A lot of the questions in the exam papers require careful reading, so if you are stuck in a particular section in maths, don't start with the exam questions immediately.

      This site can help you through each section in maths:

      Hope it helps :)

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      You should do exam questions every day and you should do 1 full exam paper every day, but i would advise you to do a minimum of the 4 past exam papers so 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. i would also advise you to do the first 3 with help if you need some, and then test yourself on the 2014 paper, if you get it right then you are ready to go.

      hope it helps:)

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      sorry, the past 4 exam papers must be done before the your actual exam, not in one day.

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      Well I just do at least 3 parts of a question in exam papers each day. During the weekends I try to do full exam papers. I know how you feel cause I'm struggling myself but hopefully with practise you'll become better :)

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      Sorry if there was misunderstanding. I was trying to say if there is a section in maths that you are stuck in, you don't have to answer the exam questions from that specific section that's troubling you. Of course you have to practice exam questions! It's just if there is a section in the exam papers that you are stuck in, it's better to practice an easier version of that question and then move on to a harder question as you get better, rather than copying the worked answer from (or any other source) and not know what you're doing.

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      exam papers exam papers exam papers the only way my friend!!!!

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      @NRichardson24121999 If a person is struggling in a particular section in maths, I don't think answering exam questions on that section straight away will do any good. They will just get more confused. If you understand me correctly, I am trying to get the message across that people should answer exam questions on sections that they really got the hang of. In sections where people struggle, they can practice questions from a maths textbook first, AND THEN, when they really understand it, they can answer the exam questions. Remember, questions from a maths textbook is still good practice. What's even better? Practicing from more than one maths textbook. Believe me!

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      Thanks for all the help!!

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      just wondering if theres any good websites that can help me understand and explain how to do simultaneous equations and other types of algebra:))


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      Hey @Caraleigh101,

      Give KhanAcademy or ALISON a shot. They have great tutorials for pretty much all of the required LC maths.

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