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    I THINK I FAILED shadan

    i did my mock maths exam today and it went horribly.... i was expecting a low A or a high B but i just hope i passed at this stage..... its horrible so any words of re-assurement? is it a good representaion of your junior cert???

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      I got 50% in JC mock and though i had failed the actually exam on the day but got a B in the end so you never no, still 4 months aswell so dont worry about it

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      I didn't think it was too bad tbh what was on your mock exam 😃

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      Don't worr it's only the mocks you will improve.

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      Don't worry :) everyone says that the mocks are much harder than the jc. And now you will have an idea of what it will be like in an exam situation.

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      what was on it

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