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    Math junior cert tips please Patrickod

    In my recent mocks for jc I failed higher level maths. I did really bad in paper 1 and good in paper two but it didn't cut it. I need tips for the next two months on how to improve maths and your methods. Anyone can help preferably people who have gone through the jc and did good in maths. I only failed by 3 per cent and I really want to do higher in LC cycle

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      I have been helped with maths by

      This man gives online classes on Tuesday evening at 8pm for JCert ordinary and at 8;30 for JCert higher.

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      The maths tutor mentioned above is really good. Otherwise practice past questions on studyclix. Paper 1 is the old course (all the topics without a PM in front) at . Go through the topics one by one, print out the questions, try them and if you re stuck take a look at the marking scheme or one of the videos. 3% is not a lot to make up. You can do it!

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      An average you go up by 10% for the real thing. No one in my year did amazing well but the examiner said they were great results for the mocks. I used to find past questions a little daunting but we've been done our course since xmas so thats all we do in class. I am finding it a lot easier now. I use the quiz on the maths tutor to test myself and every quiz comes with a video. I am sure you'll manage it. :)

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      Well you can either try really hard in HL maths, or go to OL maths and not need to try as hard. I understand why you'd want to do HL though, for JC. Just listen to the teacher, and if you don't understand anything, ask him/her. Also, take down notes, I find that helps. If you write down the steps required to do a specific equation, that could also help. It'd also be a good idea to practise using past JC papers. Good luck!

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